Three Easy Ways to Create Great Winter Curb Appeal

        Selling a home during winter can be difficult. Wherever you live, the usual curb appeal tactics - a lush garden and water features - may not feel right as the holiday season approaches. But there still are ways to spruce up your exterior with seasonal flair. Here are a few:

     Work with the green around you:
Thanks to evergreens, your front yard can look beautiful no matter what the season. These versatile plants come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors, and complement every exterior house style.
For example, plant mature cedar hedges or boxwood around the perimeter, and add porch appeal with potted evergreens beside your front door. Stick in branches of berries or artificial fruit for color, and, in southern climes, “borrow” some tropicals from the garden for a splash of color against the green in your pots.
Take inspiration from holiday décor. Buy a mini-Christmas tree and pot, and decorate it. Cover the pot with burlap, and put it by your front door. 

     Brighten those dark days:
Days are shorter in winter, so keep things bright. Employ clear floodlights to showcase your home’s architecture, or install driveway and walkway lights leading prospective buyers directly up the path to their new home.

     Add some bling:
Sparkle is always in style! Buy a silver, copper, or gold wreath to match your exterior, and add shiny garden globes to a lackluster garden. Keep it simple and elegant. And, oh yes, please hold the inflatable Santa and prancing reindeer until after the house is sold.

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